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The Best Service And Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks CA

Our Company has been in the business of installing and repairing malfunctioning garage doors for years, in both the commercial and residential sectors. Over the years we have accumulated thousands of satisfied customers who highly recommend their quality services.

Our after sales service includes free transport of garage doors chosen from a wide selection of quality products which is always on show, including different types of openers. A call to our sales and service departments will result in a prompt visit from a qualified professional, experienced in garage door installations, to give you a free estimate.

What to expect from Garage Door Repairs in Sherman Oaks

    • Free estimates for new door installations as well as garage door openers and repair services.
    • Personal service from a local, family owned business.
    • Friendly, efficient and fully trained technicians to take care of the installation or repair of garage doors quickly and efficiently.
    • Staff members that are licensed and have been background and insurance checked.
    • Warranty on labor and materials


garage door repair Sherman Oaks

Garage Door Pro Services

Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks provides the best repair service in the Sherman Oaks area at the best prices. Their garage door repair services are guaranteed and reliable and their experienced and qualified staff are able to repair and service any type of garage door, even if it is not a brand that they sell.

Garage Door Replacement in Sherman Oaks CA

For garage door replacement, look no further than Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks. We have the largest range of quality garage door brands in the Sherman Oaks area and will be able to satisfy the needs of our customers with complete satisfaction.

Garage Door Spring Repair

We supply and repair all major types of garage springs available from all the leading brands. With the most reliable products and the best repair services in the area, you can count on Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks CA to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Garage Door Opener Installation

At Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks we provide excellent reliable garage door opener installation services at competitive prices. Our products are sourced from the best and most reliable brands and we guarantee our workmanship.

Automatic garage door openers that operate at full capacity are an essential component of a garage. There is nothing worse than driving up to your garage in the pouring rain, freezing cold or scorching heat only to find that the garage door opener is malfunctioning.

Automatic garage door openers are supposed to respond instantly to the mere push of a button and is a far cry from the old fashioned models where you had to get out of your car to unlock the door, bend over to pull on the handle in order to gain access to your garage. This was no fun for those with back problems or the elderly and nowadays an electrically operated automatic door opener is an essential item for all home owners.
garage door repair Sherman Oaks CA

Garage Door Safety and Security

The first automatic garage door openers were introduced during the mid 1940’s and since then manufacturers have increased the safety and security features of their products. Technology for remote transmitters have been improved from single code signals to the latest rolling code operation. For safety purposes, each time the remote transmitter is activated, a new code is generated. This makes it difficult or impossible for criminals to grab the code with rogue technology in order to gain access to your home and garage.

A further safety feature includes a built in automatic reversal system which operates as soon as an obstruction is encountered, immediately reversing the direction of the garage door.

Another safety feature includes an infrared safety beam which will prevent the garage door from closing if the beam is broken by an obstruction.

Most automatic garage door openers have adjustable open and close limits and force which is usually set to the minimum required for safety purposes.

Automatic locking mechanisms will automatically lock the garage door when it is closed and unlock when the remote is activated from a keypad or a wall control.

Garage Door Optional Accessories
  • Backup systems that are battery operated when there is a power failure.
  • Parking guides to assist parking in the right position.
  • Keypad access without remote or keys which can be set to allow service staff to access the property through the garage. These can be set for a limited time period.
  • Spare remotes.
  • Motion detectors to turn on the lights when entering the garage.
  • Surge suppressors to low voltage systems from electrical spikes.
  • Vibration dampeners for prevention of noise transmission to the home.
  • Monitors to alert you whether the garage door is being opened or closed.

The Brand We Work With

  • Genie
  • Lift Master
Garage Door Maintenance

To keep your garage door system operating efficiently it is recommended to have maintenance carried out regularly according to the users manual.

Fidel Garage Doors Co. Sherman Oaks CA Company Quality Service

All our technicians are reliable professionals who are highly qualified, fully trained and well equipped to handle any garage door problem fast and efficiently. Our services are available twenty four hours per day, seven days a week, especially in emergency situations.

To experience the fast and reliable efficiency that we offer, simply give a call to find out what we can do for you.

Affordable Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks

When your garage door starts acting up and it is more and more difficult to open and close it, then you might want to start looking into garage door repair Sherman Oaks. Getting your garage door repaired doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are plenty of affordable options available to you.

Your garage door can go bad for many reasons. Usually, the garage starts acting up due to age, but sometimes the springs can go bad as well. If your garage door is really old and just doesn’t look that great anymore, then you are probably in need of a new one.

New garage doors come in all types of styles and you can find them in all types of price ranges. You can find a design and color that works with your house and the garage door company will install the door and make sure it works properly. When you are looking for a garage door company you want to work with, make sure you do your research and get estimates from at least three different garage door repair companies. You want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible and that you aren’t paying more for the door than you need to.

When you get multiple estimates, you get a good idea of how much the new door should cost and you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. The time it takes to research prices is definitely worth the cost and you can save a good amount of money when you do this. You want to pay as little as possible, but you still want good service. When it comes to affordable garage door repair Sherman Oaks, you can find a great price if you are willing to shop around.